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Senior Session Locations in Milwaukee

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

It's senior session time! If you're reading this, you're probably signed up for a senior portrait session with me and I can't wait to work with you! I made this blog to help you choose the perfect location(s) for your pictures, but if you have any other questions don't hesitate to text me! We can usually shoot at multiple locations during the session since everything is pretty close together.

Art Museum

The Milwaukee Art Museum is a popular choice (for good reason). For most lakefront/city sessions, we start here at the sunburst sculpture and shoot all around the area. The art museum has really unique architecture, which makes it fun to shoot at. It's also right on the lake, so if lakefront pictures are a priority to you, this is a great place to take them. Plus, if you're thinking about going to college out of state, the Milwaukee landmark will be even more special in your senior pictures.

Northwestern Mutual Gardens

Located right across the street from the art museum, Northwestern Mutual has so many beautiful flowers if you're looking for some greenery and city shots at the same time. Its close proximity to the museum, Discovery World, lakefront, and downtown area, makes the gardens a great central location to shoot at to get a little bit of everything in your photos.

Discovery World

Discovery World is another iconic Milwaukee landmark I love shooting at. It's located right next between the art museum and Lakeshore State Park and across the street from Northwestern Mutual's garden area. It's also right on the lake, which is super convenient as well.


Who needs the ocean when you have access to Lake Michigan? Okay, they're not quite the same, but as a photographer who mainly shoots beach sessions in Florida, I think Lake Michigan looks a lot like an ocean to me when I'm looking at photos. The rocks around the art museum and Discovery World are great to climb on for pictures, but there are also beaches we can shoot at as well. Depending on what other spots you want featured in your pictures, I can recommend a good lakefront spot to shoot at that's nearby.

Lake Park

If city pictures aren't your cup of tea, no worries. Lake Park is the perfect floral oasis just blocks from the downtown area. It's about a 5-10 minute drive from the art museum/Discovery World area, so a lot of seniors opt to shoot half their session downtown and drive to shoot half their session at Lake Park if they want a little of both. Lake Park has an iconic iron rod bridge I love taking photos on. There's also gorgeous wildflowers all around and even hiking trails throughout the park that will have you wondering if you're actually still in the city. Lake Park is across the street from the lake and overlooks Lake Michigan from above as it's on a hill. We can easily head to the lake from here as well.

Third Ward

The Third Ward has an old-timey vintage aesthetic that can be so fun for photos. It's about a five minute drive from the art museum area, but sometimes seniors choose to walk through the downtown area to the Third Ward if they want primarily city pictures. Parking can be a little challenging here, so if you plan to drive to a different location, I recommend starting in the Third Ward first, so we don't have to search for parking during the session.


Aside from the Third Ward, there's also beautiful architecture in the downtown area surrounding the lakefront. A lot of seniors like to shoot at the art museum, Discovery World, Northwestern Mutual Gardens, lake front, and walk around the city as well for some city pictures.

Have an idea for a location that's not on this list? As long as it's within a 15 minute drive from the art museum, I'm totally up to meet you there. If you need outfit inspiration, don't forget to check out my google doc and Pinterest Board.

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