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4 Tips for Proposing in Destin, FL

As a photographer, I'm so privileged to be able to witness so many romantic proposals. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I just can't believe that my job entails catching them on camera. How lucky am I that I get to capture the most romantic and special moment in a couples' relationship?

That being said, I've not only witnessed my fair share of amazing proposals, but I've also helped out behind the scenes. If you're nervous about proposing, that's 100% normal. However, having a fool-proof romantic moment might help calm your nerves a little bit and make the day even more special for the two of you. Here are my top four tips for proposing in Destin, FL.

1. Find an excuse to get all dressed up without arousing suspicion.

I'm not saying that if you propose when your soon-to-be fiance is wearing Nike shorts and an oversized Greek T-Shirt, they'll say no your proposal, but I'm willing to guess he/she would rather dress up, especially if cameras are involved.

Here are some great excuses to get them to dress up for their engagement:

-You're going out for dinner.

-You're getting your photos taken.

-It's a holiday, birthday, or anniversary, so you're both dressed up anyways.

Mike proposed to Laura as they were walking down to the beach for a family photo shoot with his son and her son. It was perfect because they both looked great and so did their kids for family pictures afterward. Plus, he had the perfect excuse to have a photographer present at the proposal!

2. Choose a location that you know you'd both feel comfortable at.

I think that one of the most important things to take into consideration when proposing is the atmosphere. For example, if you think they would like a big public display of affection, you can pick a busier location like HarborWalk Village, the beach at Pompano Joe's, The Crab Trap, or maybe even Seaside's town center where there will be plenty of people to witness your proposal. If you guys are a little more introverted or prefer a more intimate atmosphere, O'Steen Beach, Norriego Point, Eden Gardens, or even at your own vacation rental. It's super important that you both feel comfortable wherever you decide to propose, you both feel comfortable.

Gage proposed to Bailey at Norriego Point at sunset and there was hardly anyone else on the beach besides Bailey's family. It was a sweet intimate proposal.

3. Make up a reason to go to that special location.

This kind of goes hand in hand with tip #1 because you need to think of a reason for you both to look nice and a reason to go to your planned location without blowing the surprise.

Here are some common excuses:

-You're going out to dinner, but you want to watch the sunset first, so you have to pull over and go to the beach.

-You are getting couples photos done at your location.

-You are meeting friends at your location.

-You're "lost."

Wayne proposed to Danielle at O'Steen Beach during a couples photoshoot. It worked out perfectly because they were in a beautiful picturesque place at sunset and they both looked nice for their photoshoot.

4. Enjoy the moment.

Last but not least, take it all in and enjoy the moment. You will probably be nervous, but that's so normal-- it would almost be strange if you weren't nervous! Soak it all in though because getting engaged is super special and exciting.

Nick proposed to Megan on Labor Day weekend in Miramar Beach. He set up a little spot for them to watch the sunset together and then popped the question!

I hope these tips help you out on your upcoming proposal and if you ever need someone to help you come up with a plan, I'm your girl.

Plus, I'm also a photographer.

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